Hidenori Yamaguchi’s Udon

I learned about Sake and Tapas too late. I did not have a chance to visit this well regarded and mysterious establishment until they had closed. I was super bummed to have missed out on somewhere that seemingly the rest of Lexington had been.

Instead I had to settle to the next best thing. Since closing his restaurant, Hidenori Yamaguchi has returned to Lexington and this time is venturing into the food truck scene. Sans truck, he follows the same idea, camping out at a bar’s front stoop, he just uses a tailgate tent. He pops up all over, Green Lantern, Country Boy, Blue Stallion, Arcadium, and different festivals in the North End.

I’ve only seen one item on the menu: curry udon. You choose the protein, a fried portion of chicken ($8), beef ($9), pork ($9), or with tofu ($7). Add a soft cooked egg for $.50 more.

Curry Udon with Pork Katsu and Onsen Tomago
Curry Udon with Pork Katsu and Onsen Tomago ($9.50)

Only one item and they’ve done it well. We tried the pork katsu, a nicely fried cutlet with a light panko breading. The curry was strong, inviting me from blocks away, and incredibly satisfying. I found the egg to be a bit over cooked but I’m a sucker for runny yokes. My only recommendation to improve the dish is to not use the frozen vegetable mix, a very small change that probably wouldn’t make a difference in flavor but the idea of the frozen veg is a little of a downer.

Get updates to the current spot by following his Facebook page. I went ahead and signed up for notifications as I will need an udon fix again soon. And it doesn’t hurt that they are always where good beer is served.

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