I’ll admit it, up front: I like beer

And beer out of a growler is, for some reason, so much better. Maybe it’s the drought versus the canned/bottled flavors. It’s just tastier.

Kroger in Chinoe Center went through some significant changes a year or so ago, best of which was the addition of a wine and spirits store, fancy language for the liquor store that probably put the final nail in Mason Liquor’s coffin.

But they sell growlers. And growlers are delicious. They have rotating taps but today we got the Jalapeño Porter from Country Boy making this evening more promising.

Others on tap are West Sixth’s Christmas Ale, IPA, and Experimental IPA, Kentucky Bourbon Barrel, Blue Stallion Dunkel, Country Boy Cougar Bait, Rhinegeist Dad Happy Holiday Ale, Rhinegeist Sour Ale, Founder’s Porter, Dogfish Head Pumpkin, and Bell’s Oatsmobile. Quite the selection. Pay attention to that alcohol by volume (ABV) number as there is quite the range. And you don’t want to pull an Amy drinking Delirium Tremens. I saw pink elephants.





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