What’s in Chinoe Center?

Most neighborhoods have small shopping centers with grocery, dining, and a little shopping. Chinoe Center is no different but has a wider variety of food options than most.

Shakespeare and Co. is the sister restaurant to the first in downtown. I’ve tried that one but haven’t made it to this new space yet. The outdoor seating looks wonderful. I’ll be there as soon as it’s under 80 degrees. Fun fact, Shakespeare and Co. only other locations are in the Middle East. Go KY!

Shakespeare & Co. at Chinoe Centre, June 22, 2015
Shakespeare & Co. at Chinoe Center, June 22, 2015

Wild Thyme provides a specialty food experience through cooking classes and meals made for you to pick up. They have some pretty neat, if not expensive, offerings.

Wild Thyme at Chinoe Centre, June 22, 2015
Wild Thyme at Chinoe Center, June 22, 2015

If you need to get your nails done or to pick up a fun gift for a birthday, you have options here. Jin Jin is one of those ubiquitous cheap Chinese food places that isn’t any better (or worse) than the rest.

Chinoe Centre, June 22, 2015
Chinoe Center, June 22, 2015

Kroger’s is currently expanding and is adding a wine store. Hopefully they will not be too much competition for the independent Mason Liquors but with the drive-through at Mason’s, they already have the upper hand.

Drive-thru liquor at Chinoe Centre, June 22, 2015
Drive-thru liquor at Chinoe Center, June 22, 2015

To round it out, there is a small bar and grill that is popular with the local crowd. If you’re not in the mood for greasy there’s always the “fresh” Subway next door.

More food offerings at Chinoe Centre, June 22, 2015
More food offerings at Chinoe Center, June 22, 2015

2 thoughts on “What’s in Chinoe Center?”

  1. I contest your assertion that most neighborhoods have a shopping center associated with them. Most shopping centers are limited to retail locations which can serve multiple neighborhoods and positioned on major roadways. Chinoe Center itself is, by design, separated from the majority of the residential housing units that it is supposed to serve. People cannot walk to this shopping area. They are required to use their cars

    On an additional note, some of the dining options you mention are closed and have been for a while now, though their signs are still up. You left out the office building completely as a source of dining clientele.

    1. I wish that Lexington were a little more like some cities that have shopping within walking distance but since we are a sprawling, single-family home loving populace, that would be a hard feat. It also makes us have our own definition of what a neighborhood shopping center is.

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