Help Us Cheer on Lexington’s Own SHOWCATS!

Lexington is very proud of our ShowCats who are traveling to LA to cheer at the World Special Olympic Games. You can follow them on Facebook to see all the work they have done to get to the Games.

Legacy Showcats Cheerleading Team. Screengrab from their Facebook page at
Legacy Showcats Cheerleading Team. Screengrab from their Facebook page.

From Lucy, a 17-year old ShowCat:  “I like to cheer because I can do it with my friends and they accept me there even with my differences.  I love performing with my team.  Also it makes me feel like I can do anything I want in life even though I have a disability.”

Lucy, a member of the Legacy Showcats
Lucy, a member of the Legacy Showcats

Here’s some history of the Showcats. They are a very impressive group!

Formed in 2001, the Legacy Showcats from Lexington, Kentucky were the first Special Needs All Star Cheerleading squad in the country. The athletes on our Special Olympics Kentucky team all have an intellectual disability, however our motto is to “focus on our ABILITIES, not our disability”.

Our athletes range in age from 10 to 45. Our team consists of athletes from the United States & 3 other countries-Mexico, Romania, & Kazakhstan. We also have a married couple on our team.

The Showcats have performed at cheerleading competitions in seven states – Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Georgia, Mississippi, & Florida. As a result there are now over 1000 special needs cheerleading teams in the United States & around the world (including teams from Canada, Europe, Australia, & New Zealand). We perform a challenging 2 ½ minute routine consisting of cheers, jumps, dances, stunts, pyramids, basket tosses, & partner stunts just the same as other teams competing in All Star cheerleading. In the beginning our Showcats team performed in exhibitions, then began competing as special needs divisions were started. The Showcats have won 11 national championships at Cheersport in Atlanta starting back in 2003.

Leading the way again the Showcats are participating in another historic event. For the first time ever, cheerleaders will light up the Special Olympics World Games with their spirit and enthusiasm. We are excited to be cheering for more than 7,000 athletes, along with 3,000 coaches, 30,000 volunteers & 500,000 spectators in the largest sporting event in the world in 2015! The Showcats are here to inspire, motivate, encourage, & show the world that people with disabilities CAN DO ANYTHING!

Legacy Showcats
Legacy Showcats screengrab from Facebook.

Thank you to Julie for sending me this information to post. I’m so excited to see some pictures from LA in a few weeks. GO SHOWCATS!!!

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