Alumni Road Miracle

They said they would get it done and I doubted them.

Pleasantly surprised at the efficiency of road construction for once in my life, I traveled the newly opened Alumni Road connector between Tates Creek Road and Nicholasville Road this morning. This will be a pleasant drive of your daily commute with traffic moving steadily in a one-lane winding path with the arboretum on one side and the coliseum on the other.

My first impressions were positive. Lanes are separated by a median and the road is windy enough that it forces people to slow down from their usual 45 mph. The traffic circles, though only one-lane, will keep cars moving… that is once people learn the difference between a yield sign and a stop sign. Not entirely within the original conception of a roundabout, these will do to get Lexington open to the possibility and smoothness one provides.

Yay construction crews! Great job making all us doubters impressed with your speed of construction!

And if you are one of those who likes to see someone else do it first, here’s a video:

From the Lexington KY Emergency Management Facebook page

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