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Every time I go to Bourbon n’ Toulouse, I am happy. Some days are better than others: sometimes the bread is too chewy, sometimes the heat isn’t exactly right. But the vast majority of the time, it is perfect.

Not sure what to get when you come to this restaurant located in Chevy Chase on Euclid Avenue? Follow my handy guide:

What do you like? Do you like rice? Do you like chicken, slow cooked, and falling apart? I know you like andouille. Try the jambalaya. A nice spice makes this dish something to remember even after you’ve finished it.

Do you like creamy? Go for the étouffée, chicken, crawfish, or gator (when it’s gator hunting season, GO UK!). The roux makes it thick enough to almost hold it own shape. Served over top of white rice, this is a must try.

Jambalaya and Gator Étouffée
Jambalaya and Gator Étouffée

Are you a bean fan? You’ve got the option of red or black, each with their own sausage. The red beans are cooked until broken down, making a thick sauce served over rice that you know will stick to your ribs and keep you full for hours. There’s even a vegetarian option of black beans and corn  that looks and tastes beautiful.

Jambalaya and Red Beans with Sausage
Jambalaya and Red Beans with Sausage

The only dish I cannot get behind is the artichoke parmesan. I know others who love it but to me, the cheese just doesn’t incorporate well and is almost grainy.

Each dish comes with toast with garlic butter. I like to use it to get the final pieces of food on the dish, pushing them onto my spoon so I don’t miss a bite.

Add some adventure and different flavors if you’d like. BnT offers an assemblage of hot sauces. Try the garlic power. You can thank me later.

Now that the owners of BnT have bought CCI, you can take your food next door to have a beer or something a little more strong. You can buy beer at BnT but it’s a small selection.

On Euclid
On Euclid

I usually get take-out. I bought reusable take-out dishes from here years ago and continue to use them at BnT and many other places. If you have the opportunity, and there is seating, eat in. The walls are covered with local art and a collection of pictures of customers. Don’t forget to check out the ceiling while you’re enjoying your Ale-8.

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