Sav’s Mural

Photo 4/14/2011

From the Heral Leader

This year, the class painted three temporary murals along North and South Limestone, hoping to unite two very different ends of town with the city’s center.

The murals, designed to last 18 months or less, are painted on the front of Sav’s Grill & West African Cuisine, 304 South Limestone; at the back of the middle school building at Sayre School, 194 North Limestone; and on a building at 800 North Limestone at Loudon Avenue (Link)

UK and Facebook Places

Facebook Places Icon
Facebook Place Icon @ the Johnson Center

I have noticed these markers around campus for the last few months but was not aware UK was promoting checking in.  I had actually thought that they were part of an art installation.

If you have seen the Facebook Places icons throughout campus, decals on the entraces of classroom doors and posters on the walls of your favorite hang outs, then you already know about Facebook Places. (UK)

Facebook Places Icon
Facebook Place Icon @ the UK Student Center