Alumni Road Miracle

They said they would get it done and I doubted them.

Pleasantly surprised at the efficiency of road construction for once in my life, I traveled the newly opened Alumni Road connector between Tates Creek Road and Nicholasville Road this morning. This will be a pleasant drive of your daily commute with traffic moving steadily in a one-lane winding path with the arboretum on one side and the coliseum on the other. Continue reading “Alumni Road Miracle”

McConnell Springs

Nestled in the industrial side of Lexington is the 26-acre McConnell Springs. This oasis has been celebrated by locals and is definitely worthy of the praise. A beautiful pocket of woods and walking trails, along with some educational material, McConnell Springs is a nice break without driving far from the city center. Continue reading “McConnell Springs”

Chevy Chase Farmer’s Market

At the corner of Euclid and High Street (or is it Tates Creek Road at that point?…) on Sundays from 10-2 is the Chevy Chase Farmer’s Market. These neighborhood markets are popping up everywhere making locally grown produce within reach for most people of Lexington at least one day a week. Continue reading “Chevy Chase Farmer’s Market”

New Restaurant on National Coming Along

Locals’ is continuing development as the newest restaurant to open in the National Avenue neighborhood. The place is looking pretty neat. The building has come a long way since a few months ago, last we posted, and even further from the liquor store that sold to underage teens (not that I would know anything about that…). Continue reading “New Restaurant on National Coming Along”

Community Garden on Owsley and Cramer

Behind Victory Christian Church at the corner of Owsley and Cramer is a community garden that has been lovingly tended by volunteers from the neighborhood for a few years. Free veggies are offered to the community but to not feel guilty, pitch in with a little weeding and watering. Sign up here. Continue reading “Community Garden on Owsley and Cramer”

Keeneland’s Concours d’Elegance Does it Again

I love car shows. I seek them out and happily Lexington seems to have people gathering to show off their rides every weekend. This weekend is Keeneland’s Concours d’Elegance. Over a four-day period, classic cars and new cars gather in Lexington to show off their beauty.

Continue reading “Keeneland’s Concours d’Elegance Does it Again”