Athenian Grill

Athenian Grill Lexington
Athenian Grill

Athenian Grill is a feel-good story of great food getting the support of those who love it and making it in this tough restaurant town. Athenian Grill started as a pop-up food truck which I enjoyed outside of West Sixth Brewery. Deciding to take the leap into a brick-and-mortar building, the owners launched a Kickstarter campaign that quickly gained steam. They achieved their goal and opened the business to a crowd of people that continues to demand more Greek food. Continue reading “Athenian Grill”

Asuka Grill Hamburg

ASUKA Grill & Sushi Hamburg

Asuka Grill had been on my list of restaurants to visit for a while. With a sitter procured, I was excited to have the chance to try a new place without the pressure of getting home or dealing with a fidgety toddler. I had tried to visit Asuka twice before this time but the completion at the Hamburg location had been delayed numerous times.

The restaurant has a closed-in quiet entry way which I know will be appreciated when the weather is either too hot or too cold. The interior of the restaurant is spacious. Most of the area is for hibachi tables which have three different dining spaces. There is a small section of tables for the sushi crowd. We were seated at a two-top booth although there were plenty of tables with a little more elbow room available. We were after the dinner rush so there wasn’t a concern about not being able to seat larger parties. The place is decorated with a modern flair with some stainless here and some decorative urns there. Continue reading “Asuka Grill Hamburg”

National Avenue Developlment

walton1 walton2

I lived on Cramer Ave for a little over six years and during that time the area around National Avenue changed immensely. This change is continuing with a new development on the corner of Walton and Winchester Road.

Photos 4/26/2015

For more information on the building and the area:

Billy’s Bar-B-Q

Billy’s Bar-B-Q

Billy’s Bar-B-Q has been a Lexington institution since 1978. They are located on a heavily traveled piece of road in Chevy Chase and are popular for eat-in and take-out including large orders for catering and tailgating.

We are regular Billy’s go-ers. Not only are we close by but the food is always good. There is plenty of seating inside at a table or at the bar and a covered patio outside in which to enjoy the nice weather. The inside is decorated with a lot of pictures and posters and a few animals hanging around. My son especially liked the hammerhead shark that was suspended over the door leading to the bathrooms and patio. The pictures look like yard sale leftovers with the goal of covering the wall. The booths are in bad need of replacement as many are ripped and lumpy. There are mood setting string lights but I’ve never actually seen them on.

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Brasabana Cuban Cuisine

Brasabana logo

I had been hearing about Brasabana from friends on Facebook for the past few months so I chose it to eat at on our rare night to dinner without any kids. Since we were going on a Friday night, I called first to make a reservation.

Brasabana is located in a strip mall on a fairly well traveled road between Harrodsburg and Versailles Roads. It’s a good location for a restaurant although the gourmet styling is new and a bit incongruous for the location.

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