Community Garden on Owsley and Cramer

Behind Victory Christian Church at the corner of Owsley and Cramer is a community garden that has been lovingly tended by volunteers from the neighborhood for a few years. Free veggies are offered to the community but to not feel guilty, pitch in with a little weeding and watering. Sign up here. Continue reading “Community Garden on Owsley and Cramer”

Isaac Murphy Memorial Art Garden

Isaac Murphy Memorial Art Garden is located in the East End where 3rd Street meets Midland and turns into Winchester Road. The park was constructed to recognize Isaac Murphy and other African-American men and women who have been instrumental in the thoroughbred racing scene.

Isaac Murphy Memorial Art Garden, May 19, 2015
Isaac Murphy Memorial Art Garden, May 19, 2015

The park will also be the trailhead of the Legacy Trail. The trail ends at the Kentucky Horse Park. Continue reading “Isaac Murphy Memorial Art Garden”

Alumni Drive Construction

The Alumni Drive construction is in full swing. The street is closed between Nicholasville Road and Tates Creek Road through project completion. According to an email sent out to the UK community from Eric N. Monday, Executive VP, Finance & Administration, construction will be complete by the end of August. Stay tuned for more pictures of construction progress. Continue reading “Alumni Drive Construction”

Children’s Garden Closed When School Is Out

The Children’s Garden at the University of Kentucky Arboretum is missing some prime opportunities being closed when school is out for Election Day. It’s bad enough that we have to pay to go into the area but to be closed when school is out?!

Closed sign on the Children's Garden on May 19, 2015
Closed sign on the Children’s Garden on May 19, 2015