The Poore Farm

When I lived over in Kenwick, I was introduced to the wonderful delivery of fresh farm eggs, straight to my door. Once every two weeks, like magic, beautiful brown eggs appeared on my porch, waiting patiently to be turned into scrambled eggs, eggs in a basket, cookies, or to help me put a beautiful sheen on top of challah. I was super bummed Continue reading “The Poore Farm”

Billy’s Bar-B-Q

Billy’s Bar-B-Q

Billy’s Bar-B-Q has been a Lexington institution since 1978. They are located on a heavily traveled piece of road in Chevy Chase and are popular for eat-in and take-out including large orders for catering and tailgating.

We are regular Billy’s go-ers. Not only are we close by but the food is always good. There is plenty of seating inside at a table or at the bar and a covered patio outside in which to enjoy the nice weather. The inside is decorated with a lot of pictures and posters and a few animals hanging around. My son especially liked the hammerhead shark that was suspended over the door leading to the bathrooms and patio. The pictures look like yard sale leftovers with the goal of covering the wall. The booths are in bad need of replacement as many are ripped and lumpy. There are mood setting string lights but I’ve never actually seen them on.

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