The Poore Farm

When I lived over in Kenwick, I was introduced to the wonderful delivery of fresh farm eggs, straight to my door. Once every two weeks, like magic, beautiful brown eggs appeared on my porch, waiting patiently to be turned into scrambled eggs, eggs in a basket, cookies, or to help me put a beautiful sheen on top of challah. I was super bummed Continue reading “The Poore Farm”

Chevy Chase Farmer’s Market

At the corner of Euclid and High Street (or is it Tates Creek Road at that point?…) on Sundays from 10-2 is the Chevy Chase Farmer’s Market. These neighborhood markets are popping up everywhere making locally grown produce within reach for most people of Lexington at least one day a week. Continue reading “Chevy Chase Farmer’s Market”

Community Garden on Owsley and Cramer

Behind Victory Christian Church at the corner of Owsley and Cramer is a community garden that has been lovingly tended by volunteers from the neighborhood for a few years. Free veggies are offered to the community but to not feel guilty, pitch in with a little weeding and watering. Sign up here. Continue reading “Community Garden on Owsley and Cramer”

Sahara International Market

Out Harrodsburg Road, right outside of the circle is a shopping center that contains many great restaurants and retail shops. Located on Fieldstone Way in the strip on the left is the Sahara International Market Traditional Butcher Shop. Continue reading “Sahara International Market”

Belleau Woods Park

What a lovely find!

Follow the twisting streets of the Belleau Woods neighborhood to be introduced to an 18-acre swath of greenspace and play areas. Belleau Woods Park has all of the necessities of a great space for Lexingtonians to utilize but the park was nearly empty when we got there. Granted we were here on a damp day where storms constantly threatened but it’s in the middle of a large neighborhood! Continue reading “Belleau Woods Park”

Romany Corridor

On the south side of the Chevy Chase neighborhood is a small collection of shops along Romany Road between Cooper and Providence. The largest store is Kroger’s, one of the few remaining neighborhood sized stores in Lexington. The neighborhood loves it for the ease of access. Continue reading “Romany Corridor”