Indi’s at the Corner of Yummy and Spicy

Indi’s Restaurant is located on North Broadway at 7th Street. The first challenge of being able to enjoy Indi’s is getting into the parking lot. You can park in front of the building or in the back and go inside or wait in the drive-thru. No matter which, plan on waiting at least 10 minutes. Fried food takes time to fry and they move a lot of food. That means there is a wait pretty much all day and night. Continue reading “Indi’s at the Corner of Yummy and Spicy”

Sal’s Chophouse in Lansdowne

To celebrate our anniversary we enlisted the aid of babysitters (thanks mom & dad!) and left the house early. After a little bar hopping, we ended up at Sal’s for a romantic dinner with me in a jocular mood. We chose Sal’s because we had a giftcard for a BHG restaurant as a anniversary gift (again, thanks mom & dad!!). Continue reading “Sal’s Chophouse in Lansdowne”

Athenian Grill

Athenian Grill Lexington
Athenian Grill

Athenian Grill is a feel-good story of great food getting the support of those who love it and making it in this tough restaurant town. Athenian Grill started as a pop-up food truck which I enjoyed outside of West Sixth Brewery. Deciding to take the leap into a brick-and-mortar building, the owners launched a Kickstarter campaign that quickly gained steam. They achieved their goal and opened the business to a crowd of people that continues to demand more Greek food. Continue reading “Athenian Grill”