Athenian Grill

Athenian Grill Lexington
Athenian Grill

Athenian Grill is a feel-good story of great food getting the support of those who love it and making it in this tough restaurant town. Athenian Grill started as a pop-up food truck which I enjoyed outside of West Sixth Brewery. Deciding to take the leap into a brick-and-mortar building, the owners launched a Kickstarter campaign that quickly gained steam. They achieved their goal and opened the business to a crowd of people that continues to demand more Greek food. Continue reading “Athenian Grill”

Brasabana Cuban Cuisine

Brasabana logo

I had been hearing about Brasabana from friends on Facebook for the past few months so I chose it to eat at on our rare night to dinner without any kids. Since we were going on a Friday night, I called first to make a reservation.

Brasabana is located in a strip mall on a fairly well traveled road between Harrodsburg and Versailles Roads. It’s a good location for a restaurant although the gourmet styling is new and a bit incongruous for the location.

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